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What is Outplacement?

In today's economy, just about every day, we here of job losses, of redundancies, of retrenchments - of people losing their jobs.

Our Outplacement Service, provided to employers, helps people to not only cope with the trauma of losing their job, helping them to maintain their self-esteem, but also gives them practical help in gaining new employment.  We don't guarantee finding them a new job (although our
executive search and recruitment service will certainly help), but we do guarantee giving them all the tools they need to find one themselves. 

If your company is facing retrenchments and you regard yourselves as caring employers, then you should strongly consider providing outplacement to the individuals you will be releasing. 

That Outplacement Service is Skillnet's, one of the very few available in Malaysia.   All our senior consultants have either a psychology qualification or have experienced the trauma of redundancy themselves - a critical factor in selecting the right Outplacement Service.

Skillnet's Outplacement Services

These services are provided to employers (to companies) not to individuals, although, of course, they are the beneficiaries.  Our contracts are with employers.

When a company has decided, for whatever reason, they need to institute a retrenchment package, perhaps through a Voluntary Severence Scheme (VSS) or a Mandatory Severence Scheme (MSS), they come to Skillnet for advice on handling the whole scheme:

- Design of the scheme
- Selection criteria to identify  individuals or jobs
- Industrial Relations/gaining union acceptance
- Calculation of individual packages
- Communications strategy
- Planning for handling the dramatic drop in morale of those "left behind"- the people not involved in job losses
- Planning for re-motivating those "left behind"
- Training of senior managers who will "give the message" to those being made redundant
- Provision of Trauma Counsellors (usually trained and qualified psychologists, associates of Skillnet)
- Advice on developing a resume that gets noticed
- Training on successfully handling job interviews
- Provision of office / secretarial facilities, as necessary
- Placement of individual resumes with our
Executive  Search and Recruitment Division.


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