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Psycometric Tests and Questionaires

Ability or Aptitude Tests

Tests within this group measure candidates' inherent levels of ability or aptitude for a particular skill.  Testing adds an important and totally objective ingredient to a management process which is often highly subjective. 

Tests of this type:
-  measure ability or aptitude levels
-  are very useful predictors of future performance
-  eliminate subjectivity
-  reduce turnover costs, by screening out below standard candidates
-  select those with proven ability
-  identify and eliminate socially skilled candidates who can mask their deficiencies at interview
-  indentify and progress candidates with less well developed social skills

There are literally hundreds of tests available in the market place, but it is essential that:

-  the test is a validated for use in Asia/Malaysia
-  the test measures what you want it to measure 
-  those administering the test are properly qualified and licenced
-  the tests are conducted in exactly the same manner for all candidates
-  results are measured against valid norms (standards)

Example of types of Ability or Aptitude Tests

- Numerical estimation or checking
- Numerical critical reasoning
- Verbal comprehension
- Verbal critical reasoning
- Mechanical comprehension
- Mechanical manipulation
- Mechanical concepts
- Manual dexterity
- General Clerical skills
- Spacial reasoning skills
- Diagramatical reasoning skills
- Computer programming skills
- specialised tests are generally available for skills required most of the major industries

Branded  Tests and Questionnaires

You will note we have not made specific reference here to tests or questionnaires developed and published by any particular publisher.  We have chosen this stance so as not to appear to be particularly endorsing one product over another.

There are many excellent tools available from numerous highly reputable test publishers and developers.  Naturally we have those which from experience we prefer to use, just as other consultants will have their preferences. 

You, however, may rest assured, that  we will only use the test or questionnaire which is completely appropriate for your needs. 

Personality Questionnaires

Unlike Ability and Aptitude tests, Personality Questionnaires do not have a right or wrong answer.  Candidates are asked to answer questions, in objective format,  which describe aspects of their personality.  Typically, they might be asked to say which is more like them or least like them from a series of multiple choice statements.

The best questionnaires are those which have a built-in structure to identify inconsistencies, where a candidate may be trying to give a false impression of a particular aspect of his or her personality. 

In choosing the right Personality Questionnaire, it is essential that:

- it has been validated for use in Asia
- the questions/statements do not include nuances or idioms which are
   unlikely to be understood by a non-native English speaker
- results are compared to norms taken from candidates who have previously
   completed the questionnaire and are from the same or very similar national,
   educational and/or occupational group
- it will not be used as the final arbiter or decision-making tool, but as a
   valuable aid to the process

Interest Inventories

Another type of questionnaire that we often use is called an Interest Inventory.   An individuals' success in a job is generally dependent upon two main factors - aptitude and interest.  No matter how well equipped a person may be to handle a particular type of job, if he or she has no interest in it, the failure rate will be high.

The main purpose of an Interest Inventory is to predict the type of job an applicant is most likely to enjoy.   When used in conjunction with ability tests and personality questionnaires, an interest inventory will prove to be a very valuable additional tool.

Contact us for a detailed discussion on tests and questionnaires or to discuss with us how we may help you introduce assessment processes into your company.


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